Formulated in 2016 by Badlands Salon owner Deirdre Novella

Badlands Organics are made using only the highest quality carrier and essential oils. Our scents are achieved by using oils from cold-pressed and steam distilled herbs; we absolutely never use chemical fragrances. Our ingredients don't disrupt the endocrine system—relieving your body of the toxic overload of commercial corporate body care products.

Badlands Organics are free of petroleum, parabens, chemical fragrances, sulfates, acrylics, oil based silicones, plastics—and are cruelty-free.

We are committed to reducing plastic waste, so we package everything in glass bottles. We are working on corn-based bio-degradable pumps and lids.

We cater to people who don’t want to use chemicals on their bodies, and to those who are sensitive to manufactured fragrances and ingredients.

We always welcome feedback on how we can make our products even better! To submit feedback, please email: attn: Deirdre

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